Reflexology is a holistic treatment based on the principle that there are areas and points on the feet, which correspond to parts on the body. Reflexologists believe that pressure applied to these areas affects the organs and helps the body achieve homeostasis (balance). Treatments can help improve circulation, relieve stress, pain and promote overall health.

A Natural Approach To Better Health

For All Ages

In 1996 I completed my training with the Association of Reflexologists. My approach focuses on the overall client experience as much as the process and techniques. Your first session will begin with a consultation. Your bare feet will then receive a gentle foot massage, followed by a more specific movement focusing on any problem areas, and a final massage using an appropriate essential oil. I see clients at  The Bampton Clinic, The Lotus Retreat, Faringdon or Wantage Natural Therapy Centre. 

In Brief

What People Say

Fiona put me at ease straight away and helped me feel relaxed even before treatment began. 6 months on I feel I am reaping the rewards of the  treatments in aiding the recovery of my knee.

Fiona is by far the best reflexologist I've ever met; she is warm, welcoming and extremely professional. I found her treatments thorough and always felt calmer and more balanced after a visit. This was even more apparent when I had a treatment after giving birth. Fiona made all the difference and I'd highly recommend her to anybody.

I came to Fiona for help with stress and anxiety. I find the treatments extremely relaxing and have almost fallen asleep during one or two. I feel the treatments successfully relieve the tensions of the day and better prepare me for the week ahead. 

Matthew,  Faringdon

Rachel,  Bampton

Sarah,  Burford